Jeremy Pursehouse

By Jeremy Pursehouse, chairman of Warlingham Fair

It is with regret and a considerable amount of frustration that the Warlingham Fair Committee has decided to cancel Warlingham Fair, which was scheduled for June 19, for the second year running.


The decision was taken after consultation with TDC and other local event organisers.

While we all hope that by June the lockdown will be over, the numbers of Covid-19 cases will be down considerably, and the vaccination programme will be on target. However, vaccination will be far from complete, so any events would have to be organised on a Covid-19-safe, and we do not believe this would be possible. We are also conscious that there are many local people who would be wary of mixing with crowds so soon, even if the regulations allow it.

We considered postponing it until the autumn and perhaps staging a smaller event, but there is no guarantee that the regulations will be relaxed sufficiently by then and a smaller event would just not be Warlingham Fair. Warlingham Events is keeping an eye on the situation and there will be some type of end of pandemic event when it is absolutely safe to do so. Everyone is in need of a village get-together, but now is not the time to take chances.

The Fair’s finances are in good shape, so we will be back bigger and better in 2022; Covid allowing.

While I’m sure you’ll agree that this is sad news, it is not as sad as the consequences to all the lives that have been affected by Covid-19.